Other Prestigious Awards & Achievements

  Award Name Department Year Status
  Packard Fellowship Laurence Yeung Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences 2017 Active
  PECASE Award Wei Li Physics and Astronomy 2017 Active
  MacArthur Fellowship Rebecca Richards-Kortum Bioengineering 2016 Active
  Wolf Prize in Chemistry Kyriacos C. Nicolaou Chemistry 2016 Active
  American Chemical Society Early-Career Award (Experimental Physical Chemistry) Christy Landes Chemistry 2016 Active
  Guggenheim Fellowship Krishna Palem Computer Science 2015 Active
  Vannevar Bush Award Richard Tapia Computational & Applied Mathematics 2014 Active
  Lemelson-MIT Award for Global Innovation Rebecca Richards-Kortum and Maria Oden Bioengineering 2013 Active
  Guggenheim Fellowship Luay Nakhleh Computer Science 2012 Active
  Guggenheim Fellowship Alexander Kiselev Mathematics 2012 Active
  Packard Fellowship Junrong Zheng Chemistry 2011 Active
  Packard Fellowship Rajdeep Dasgupta Earth Science 2010 Active
  PECASE Award Emilia Morosan Physics and Astronomy 2009 Active
  Guggenheim Fellowship Kurt Stallmann Shepherd School of Music 2008 Active
  Packard Fellowship Cin-Ty Lee Earth Science 2005 Active
  PECASE Award David Alexander Physics and Astronomy 2005 Active
  Packard Fellowship Douglas Natelson Physics & Astronomy 2003 Active
  Packard Fellowship Thomas Killian Physics & Astronomy 2002 Active
 Last updated January 2017