Rice Administration

Faculty Governance

The Faculty Senate and the University Council advise the president on policy matters affecting the faculty and the operation of the university. The Faculty Senate, ratified by the university faculty in plenary session, was approved for creation on February 28, 2005, and replaced the previous Faculty Council form of governance. The Faculty Senate is a representative body of the university faculty formed to investigate, discuss and decide on matters concerning the academic affairs of the university. The powers and duties of the Senate, the membership of the Senate, Senate elections, and required plenary faculty meetings are specified in the Constitution of the Faculty Senate.  

The University Council serves as a representative and consultative committee to the president. Responsibilities of the University Council include advice in the determination of general plans and goals for the university. Six faculty members chosen by the Faculty Senate, the faculty Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the Faculty Senate serve on the University Council with the president, who as chair appoints up to four individuals, including the provost, selected from the senior administration of the university. Other University Council members include two staff members, two undergraduate students and two graduate students.  

Faculty Senate Fall 2011 (32 members)

Susan McIntosh, Speaker
Anatoly Kolomeisky
Jane Grande-Allen, Deputy Speaker
David Leebron (ex officio)
David Alexander
Scott McGill
Randy Batsell
George McLendon (ex officio)
Kate Beckingham
Helena Michie
Carl Caldwell
Fred Oswald
David Caprette
William Parsons
John Casbarian
Matteo Pasquali
Marcia Citron
Brian Rountree
Danijela Damjanovic
Stan Sazykin
Rebecca Goetz
David Scott
Ramon Gonzalez
Robin Sickles
Shirine Hamadeh
Yizhi Jane Tao
Mikki Hebl
Ruth Lopez Turley
Illya Hicks
James Weston
Michael Kohn Moshe Vardi

Last updated: October 2011